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Norris Nuts Gaming
Norris Nuts Gaming

Norris Nuts Gaming Channel. Doing gaming the Norris Nuts way! Fun quirky family friendly from Sabre, Sockie, Biggy Naz, Disco with Mama and Papa!

  • Lola Keys
    Lola Keys

    It’s like since naz is the youngest she doesn’t get as much love as the others because they were born first. You know that talk, where the parents are like “ we will love you as much as the next kid.” It’s like the other kids get more love than the next kids. It’s like they try to give more love to the other kids but try to be nice to the youngest.


    I love you guys

  • ❤️Maryam❤️

    Be adopted by rich family

  • Tina Graham
    Tina Graham

    I was girl bye

  • Aiden H
    Aiden H

    Yellow river ducky

  • Muz for the mil
    Muz for the mil

    New stay shrimpy merch is coming out look at biggys shirt it says stay shrimpy!

  • Fatemah alballam
    Fatemah alballam

    is it just me who randomly found the Norris nuts and then couldn’t stop watching them?

  • Lola Keys
    Lola Keys

    Honestly, this is unfair. I agree with biggy. There are no boys clothes that are pink, and the title is building in the the worst color, not the worst color build and outfit. Plus Sabre forgot something in her house and still won! Like what the heck. The out fit was not part of the rules just something they did for fun. If he didn’t feel comfortable in it he shouldn’t of lost points for it.

  • Jordyn Pierson
    Jordyn Pierson

    Buggy please stop the young g

  • Reese’s gaming channel
    Reese’s gaming channel

    Flowers daisy bop

  • ❤️Maryam❤️

    I love the Norris nuts am there biggest fan ever they really mean a lot to me ❤️ I hope I get pinned it would be a dream I love your videos so much .

  • Tiara Brown
    Tiara Brown

    Notice in every video, how the Norris Nuts have merch on that they haven't release yet...

  • Reese’s gaming channel
    Reese’s gaming channel


  • Mikealson

    It could go down if many people join

  • GWI

    Norris nuts i dont know of you’ve played it before but try throw people simulator

  • Chloe Fernyhough
    Chloe Fernyhough

    When biggy said Timmy is following him I was wondering what the … MY DOG was following BIGGY then I tellled him have you been on my LAPTOP and gone on Among us lol😹😹 ps:my dog is called Timmy!

  • Layan Jaghoub
    Layan Jaghoub

    Can you react to dhar mann kid make in fun of autistic kid

  • Mariusz Zurkowski
    Mariusz Zurkowski


  • Lil Jimmy
    Lil Jimmy

    You should do a roasting each other for 24hrs Video

  • Gwyneth Kennedy
    Gwyneth Kennedy

    biggy and naz should do a video on making their guinea pigs roblox accounts

  • Carlie Bowkett
    Carlie Bowkett

    Hi sockie and sabre

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi

    I think what Justin said was just messed up like imagine how bad naz felt

  • Boba vids
    Boba vids

    Pls do Tower Of Misery

  • Ash Eeshal
    Ash Eeshal

    so sorry im 6 months late dont got notifs this seems fun :D

  • Lara plays Roblox
    Lara plays Roblox

    Randomly I'm so bad at mm2 so can you please play identity fraud

  • Zaid Zaid
    Zaid Zaid

    2+2 NOT 5 THIS 4

  • Harry Fountain
    Harry Fountain

    No its not just u lol 😂

  • Aaliyah Russell
    Aaliyah Russell

    Play wacky wizards

  • The Mushrooms
    The Mushrooms

    If you press E then put your mouse at a person then oh can throw the knife

  • Maya

    Biggy I shouted stay shrimpy and told everyone to sub

  • Vivien Gillespie
    Vivien Gillespie

    Yes it can go down

  • PxntherFNBR

    yellow hat with burger sockies dressing gown yellow rubber ducky and Nutella an dhoney chicken

  • Kxbxhhdyd Bxhxy f
    Kxbxhhdyd Bxhxy f

    Nas and biggie we’re being so mean to sucky teaming up and one of them wasn’t even the imposter when I teamed up each time so that wasn’t very niceI think they should get punished bananas for a week

    • Kxbxhhdyd Bxhxy f
      Kxbxhhdyd Bxhxy f

      Sorry I made a couple spelling Mistakes

  • xXMayahXx Galvin
    xXMayahXx Galvin

    I think it would be more fair if it's just when you get up to the white part because it's a long oath to get to the gate

  • alisha richidsons
    alisha richidsons


  • Amy Pawlik
    Amy Pawlik

    i hate when the norris nuts blam people for no reasons!!!!!

  • ✵ ☁︎ 𝑭𝒊𝒓𝒆𝒇𝒍𝒚 ☁︎ ✵
    ✵ ☁︎ 𝑭𝒊𝒓𝒆𝒇𝒍𝒚 ☁︎ ✵

    !This is not intended to be hate to them! I feel like they went WAY over the top with the punishment things cause like- it probably took Naz FOREVER to make thar drawing, and Sockie having to rip up the book? That's crazy! That's her idol autograph and she would have to rip it up? That's crazy! And Sabres wasn't as bad, but still, a neon shadow is one of the best pets in the game, and that would be so sad! No comment on biggys one, cause they didn't say, but like honestly, they could have came up with ones that aren't as bad cause it's a game and you are deciding something kinda big over a game. I feel like it was too much.

  • Toca Boca stories about familys
    Toca Boca stories about familys

    Why doesn't nazzy win sometimes

  • Toca Boca stories about familys
    Toca Boca stories about familys

    I love all because like th nursery and every house all nice and aswome

  • Iyanu Alalade
    Iyanu Alalade

    you guys are saying the h word instead of saying hell say heck because little kids watch you

  • Hollie Willetts
    Hollie Willetts

    Pls do more

  • Gaming kiks
    Gaming kiks

    Could you make a video were you play meep city?

  • Mark Belcher
    Mark Belcher

    Nazzy did a really good job as the imposter and I just want to say well done nazzy

  • Gacha bear
    Gacha bear

    I honestly just play and my parents don’t care omg lol that’s why I’m going Tap camp lol for a week

  • panda love
    panda love

    You need to be table

  • Ahmed Berjawi
    Ahmed Berjawi

    When is world of pets be available on Android

  • ssgill11


  • ssgill11

    omg im a big fan my dream pet is a mega neon fly ride crow and my username is fabgalixy7536

  • Irina Ostrovenko
    Irina Ostrovenko

    Murder Mystery, SCP 3008, and Tower of Hell are my favorite roblox games and I’m so glad they are finally playing MM2

  • SJ#squad

    That adopt me island that naz said at the start gives away pets

  • faith favor
    faith favor

    That's really mean of them to vote soki

  • Yt fan
    Yt fan

    Hi Norris nuts I am a big fan I watching for ages, you should do a gaming video on outlaster ROBLOX that would be fun to watch! Bye xx

  • Toca Boca stories about familys
    Toca Boca stories about familys

    Do a who can do the best garden in Minecraft

  • Keira max gamer Mawer’s
    Keira max gamer Mawer’s

    Why is biggy whereing stay shrimpy merch

  • anushay nasir
    anushay nasir

    sabre says:the hated child becoms a celebrity me:the words said the hated child become the hated child lol

  • Charly Thomas
    Charly Thomas

    I’m wondering, nat didn’t make bedrooms for them, but neither did sockie, and no one said anything! Everyone picks on nat and makes sockie get all the attention

  • imshellytheemopinkgirllover

    Sabre: Idk how to but anyway- My Fav Momment

  • •Hamster•_•Gacha•

    "Black cyan cheaters" "Waiting room" "Sockie the sneaky imposter" "Biggy and sockie imp win"

  • Keagan Clowney
    Keagan Clowney

    i do the cookie bear

  • Toca Boca stories about familys
    Toca Boca stories about familys

    They are soo aswome

  • Rihanne Martinez
    Rihanne Martinez

    I started watching you guys 3 years ago and I can’t stop I’ve watched at least all your guys videos on all your Channels

  • diamond dwarf
    diamond dwarf

    Biggy and sockie are cheating he can't camp thats so unfair >:( and don't look at each others screens

  • Toca Boca stories about familys
    Toca Boca stories about familys

    For prize

  • Toca Boca stories about familys
    Toca Boca stories about familys

    I love all I'll give u some Lolly's like wow

  • Mayumi

    Sockie and Sabre were the most funny but didn’t see much clips of naz

  • Amy Pawlik
    Amy Pawlik

    Is it just me who found the Norris nuts randomly and then couldn’t stop watching them

  • Gacha Ash_Potato
    Gacha Ash_Potato

    Sockie irritates me


    can you guys play flee the facility its really fun plsss

  • London Twins
    London Twins

    Is There Stay Shrimpy Fashion?!?!?! Look at Biggy's top

  • roselia lopez
    roselia lopez


  • roselia lopez
    roselia lopez


  • Asternite

    What do u use to edit?

  • Israa Omer
    Israa Omer

    Its so funny

  • Gacha Ash_Potato
    Gacha Ash_Potato

    Sockie camper biggy camper what a shame

  • Netsanet Gerezgher
    Netsanet Gerezgher

    I don’t liked that sockie was camping