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  • Norris Nuts Gaming
    Norris Nuts Gaming

    SABRE SNUCK OUT TO A PARTY isdowns.info/lift/r4yspKiiaGmAi6c/v-deo​ FAILED SURPRISE FOR NAZ isdowns.info/lift/1ZvNq3GinIiPed0/v-deo

    • YueQi Sam
      YueQi Sam

      Nas is so good because she can win

    • ✰✧Mollybelle ღ✰
      ✰✧Mollybelle ღ✰

      Booyaaa bombers said frisking nazzy

    • Lara Kirwan
      Lara Kirwan

      I am huge fan

    • Lara Kirwan
      Lara Kirwan

      Hi I am massive fan!

    • Jewelry J
      Jewelry J

      Naz are you 10 Because iam 10 ok i love you guys

  • Christine Bell
    Christine Bell

    Naz is so mean the frist ronde

  • Hanna B
    Hanna B

    are you guys allowed to risk no lollies? i know that wouldn’t be smart unless you had one left buy i’m just wondering!

  • Ainur Fatin
    Ainur Fatin

    I feel bad for Sabre. Sabre trying not cry infront of the norris nuts

  • Reese’s gaming channel
    Reese’s gaming channel

    I feel bad for the Norris nuts when they do this challenges I feel like they’re torturing their selfs

  • Molly grace
    Molly grace

    In England (UK) we call lollies sweets

  • dominic osorio
    dominic osorio

    Sockie you mean

  • MiniRainbowUnicorn

    let's just talk nazzy is being rude to her own sister

  • meriem Kerrai
    meriem Kerrai

    I love biggy his strong love

  • Immyloll

    how do u not eat them all 😂

  • Ben Tatman
    Ben Tatman

    Can you start playing fortnite again please

  • Rosemary Perez
    Rosemary Perez

    This is no hate at all to Sabre but she needs to be greatful for what she gets. Theirs many other ppl who don't have food. Again no hate to Sabre.

  • Mallory Velick
    Mallory Velick


    • Mallory Velick
      Mallory Velick

      I mean it's just a game.

  • Angela Crawford
    Angela Crawford

    Sockie in the frist round you had no proof sockie stop blaming with no proof so they where sticking together others where.too just stop it is unfair to sabre you guys always pick on sqbre stop it

  • Seanthel Caraine S♡🥰
    Seanthel Caraine S♡🥰

    I know im a legend but sometimes i get like sad for sabre bc they are like accusing her even tho shes a Crew mate and she if she would be the imp she will be vote off bc sockie,biggy and naz is always saying omg sabre sus sabre is the imp but she isn't like bru-

  • gentry gavlik
    gentry gavlik

    Did sockie have mascara on or are her eye lashes that pretty? Love u guys!


    I played among us

  • Darvin

    Sabre was begging and you didn’t have enough proof. When sockie gets voted out they say sorry but sockie doesn’t

  • Curt Searfoss
    Curt Searfoss

    In a Arica we call it candie

  • GamerWolfie

    Sabre had no reason to get accused by sockie in my opinion. But Sabre was acting sus to sockie, so.. idk

  • nahomy Ramírez
    nahomy Ramírez

    7:21 does sabre still need help

  • marsya syifa
    marsya syifa

    sockie:it’s sabre also sockie:i knew it it naz and orange 😺😺😺

  • Valiqnt

    sabre was very rude why did you call them an idot but saby i forgive you and i'm moving to syndy soon myabe we can meet im such a lengend

  • YueQi Sam
    YueQi Sam


  • Meredith McPhail
    Meredith McPhail

    Sad when socie des

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones


  • Princesslushy AJ
    Princesslushy AJ

    that isnt a lolly...

  • Gugu and Kuki
    Gugu and Kuki

    In every single among us video sabre gets voted out when she is not the imposter please don’t vote people out with no profe in among us

  • patty awo
    patty awo

    No hate but I feel bad for Sabre but biggy was a good brother but sockie probably shouldn’t have said it was Sabre and naz because they still say Sabre is sus when she is a crewmate just from my honest opinion no hate to u guys

  • liya

    This video kind of makes me mad l, because when it was the other video where SOCKIE got voted out, everyone I nn the comments was getting so mad at Sabre, Biggy, and Naz. But in this one no one is getting mad at sockie. Their only talking about Biggy being nice. Which don't get me wrong, he was being the best brother ever. Just wanted to give my opinion. No hate to any of them though. Love you norris nuts and legends! ❤️

  • arimang eae
    arimang eae

    I think naz is the best imp I love how she knows tactics with sockie all nn are good but not as them ( sorry ) if I was mean :(

  • Nur Aieda Qaiysara
    Nur Aieda Qaiysara

    I hate it when sabre sad, it makes my heart breaks💔

  • Sousen M
    Sousen M

    Why don't you guys play with 3 imps

  • ♡Sing Queen for ever♡
    ♡Sing Queen for ever♡

    Hello Norris Nuts can you do a video where you try to pronounce this anime characters names the anime is called black buter I would love if you try to pronounce their names ill watch all your videos if you do because then i know you read the comments and ill be so happy because no one has ever done my comments

  • ♡Sing Queen for ever♡
    ♡Sing Queen for ever♡

    I love how they call them lollies and in America we call them Gummys

  • Sky Animation
    Sky Animation

    the legends who were playing this game don't support sab

  • •Moon•

    *Those gummies that sockie had are my fav kind*

  • honey_lemon

    biggy is the most caring nn

  • Ingrid Mitchell
    Ingrid Mitchell


  • Ingrid Mitchell
    Ingrid Mitchell

    I wean naz

  • Ingrid Mitchell
    Ingrid Mitchell

    Max winning as the impostor lol

  • Meriam Ahmed Sweifi
    Meriam Ahmed Sweifi


  • Tooba Siddiqui
    Tooba Siddiqui

    I don't know why but I find Sockie mean

  • a n a y a
    a n a y a

    Ur game broke in the first few minutes i am pretty mad bc it gave me a virus and I waited and hour pls fix ty

  • InGabsLife

    Video idea: everyone goes undercover in among us and we have to figure out who each other are

  • Violet Robinson
    Violet Robinson

    "OH SUGAR" 😂

  • Gemini Queen
    Gemini Queen

    In my opinion (no hate tho) Sabre was being a sore loser bc it’s not socky’s fault that Sabre and naz were sus, she can’t blame it on socky and get mad, it’s how the game works. You vote people off trying to find the imposter or finish tasks, it’s just how it works she shouldn’t have gotten so angry

  • Score Goals4me
    Score Goals4me

    What are lollies are they lollie pops

  • cameron norton
    cameron norton

    6.31 how can u play with no imps edit: it was a glitch i think

  • Marlenee weenie •
    Marlenee weenie •

    Omg this should be a new trend it’s like gambling but like for kids in gamws

  • *sunflower*

    For the norris nuts i know who the hacker is he reveled himself the video is called “ i am sockies roblox hacker“ he wants apoligise

  • Cobus Muller
    Cobus Muller

    My name is Elzane 'Muller and I am 🔟 years old. I am a super legend and I luv all of you. This is my father's phone.

  • Cobus Muller
    Cobus Muller

    Hey Nazzy , I like Guinea pigs too

  • Brett Jackson
    Brett Jackson

    8:24 Did anyone else notice that Sockie was talking but it came up as Sabre and then changed? I guess the Norris Nuts edit a lot and do make mistakes like all of us❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Lois Vaughan-Davies
    Lois Vaughan-Davies

    24 hours of naz having a guinea pig to show how responsible she is. Lets spread the word legends xx

    • Lois Vaughan-Davies
      Lois Vaughan-Davies

      @Winter _Blix oh ok, i feel bad now. LOVE YOU NN

    • Winter _Blix
      Winter _Blix

      The nn posted on instagram to stop spamming and this is making Naz want it less

  • Clara Masley
    Clara Masley

    Lollies are delicious! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Assia Hamilton
    Assia Hamilton

    Why do he call it lol is it a Madison think I am from the UK so if I not know I call it gummy

  • Stevie Selby
    Stevie Selby

    I’ve counted now that the Norris nuts have made 58-59 among us videos in 7-8 months 😃

  • mike haggerty
    mike haggerty

    sabre needs to man up gosh.

  • Amy pitcher
    Amy pitcher

    Sabre is 16 why is she crying over candy ?🤨😊

  • Elizabeth Mora
    Elizabeth Mora


  • ✨Amaya Tatiana✨
    ✨Amaya Tatiana✨

    Why is Sabre so dramatic

  • cheeky Katy
    cheeky Katy

    I think Sockie used to be really good at guessing who the imposters are but now shes kinda susing everyone each round :(

  • Lilly Sandford
    Lilly Sandford

    Can you please put your new game on apple too please

  • carrington 🌹
    carrington 🌹

    Biggy is so nice and kind, he is a great brother.

  • Lucy McBride
    Lucy McBride

    Do you know when wop/world of pets is coming to google play because I've been waiting forever and you said that it would come soon

  • MirroredArmy

    Personally in the UK, i call "lollies" sweets. And i just love how australians call it lollies because it is nice to say. just keep saying lollies and try to tell yourself that lolly doesnt sound like a nice word its impossible

  • Wamsley Tea
    Wamsley Tea

    Sockie is being mean just like biggy!Sabre is 16 Sockie is always so RUDE to Sabre

  • Cookies & Milk
    Cookies & Milk

    All of y’all are like “I feel bad for Sabre” but, a games a game and it was fair. In my opinion she was being a baby.

    • Olivia Jennifer Liem 1602078
      Olivia Jennifer Liem 1602078

      i mean ya but she is just sad that she just got voted out and everyone is not listening or ignore her begging and i don't like how sockie is not saying sorry like sockie is prob ike that too

  • FiLmX pOp
    FiLmX pOp

    Sabre has MAJOR anger issues

  • Fishykid4

    Can you do Minecraft hide and seek

  • Fishykid4

    Can you do among us hide and seek?

  • supraja avadhanula
    supraja avadhanula


  • Ellen Hemann
    Ellen Hemann

    New video: Nat gets a guinne pig for a day ( will she get to keep it?). SPREAD THE WORD LEGENDS ✨💛💛💜💜

    • Ellen Hemann
      Ellen Hemann

      Sorry NAZ

  • gymnastgirl loveannieleblanc
    gymnastgirl loveannieleblanc

    Biggy was so nice for giving his lollies but Sockie that was unfair for voting Sabre out with no proof she didn’t vent or kill that was just messed up Sockie

  • G7j Gujnj
    G7j Gujnj

    Biggy gave lolly on sabre sockie say naz and sab and vpting sab now she lose! Naz doing nothing and happy on here lolly s no hate only wtf is this

  • Emilie Slime
    Emilie Slime

    They didn’t even chase sockie they were just trying to go in the Caf and then sockie just gresset its so unfair naz and biggy had to apoligize to sockie but she dosen’t even deserve it😔

  • Sienna Fleming
    Sienna Fleming

    I am such a big fan of you guys!

  • Lara Blackmore
    Lara Blackmore

    I think sabe has kept it together every round til now she got a little mad i would be to tho the others loose it when they loose lol but sabe is so calm i love them:)

  • Alesia Cekici
    Alesia Cekici

    The Norris nuts call them lollys but I call them gummies

  • isabelle Burgin
    isabelle Burgin


  • Fatou Mincraft Queen
    Fatou Mincraft Queen

    I’m so Annoyed with Sockie because Sabre and naz weren’t around each other until sockie sused them they weren’t chasing her they were trying to prove they were innocent but sockie wasn’t listeningto them then tried to justify her being mean to Sabre trying to say she wasn’t only susing her

  • Aan Youu
    Aan Youu

    I don’t wanna be rude but saber should not have said idiots I thought the Chanel was not bad words in it I don’t want my sister watching people saying idiot I am sorry if you feel afennded

  • Erin Miner
    Erin Miner

    Aaahhh they said nervouse instead of nervous

  • roblox besties play
    roblox besties play

    not to be that legand but sockie was just susing saber cause she was with naz and cause irl she was not talking

  • Kennedy Garcia
    Kennedy Garcia

    I’m not trying to hate or anything but I kinda feel like Sabre always gets voted out on these things but i am not a hater but I just wanted to say that.

  • {L e m o n s}
    {L e m o n s}

    Sabre didnt even do anything! No hate I'm still a super legend! it just sucks!!

  • UnicornLayo

    Btw nazzy and sabre are starting to play without a mouse showing can u pls tell me how it looks really cool if not the nn reply also one of the legends will tell me? Btw lysm nn and legends stay safe :)

  • Roisin Falconer
    Roisin Falconer

    pls can u do more tower of hell or adopt me vids i love those

  • Maija Alper
    Maija Alper

    your not fair to sabre you keep getting her out!

  • A Cyrier
    A Cyrier

    13:37 Nazzy in the background 🤣🤣

  • Cris Joseph Cristobal
    Cris Joseph Cristobal

    Has anyone noticed how Naz never lost any lollies? Btw I'm a girl

  • Mollie Talbot
    Mollie Talbot

    Sabre-angry at sockie bc she only has one lollie Biggy-gives her a lollie Sabre-happy again BIGGY IS SUCH a gOod broTHER!!!

  • Helen Bell
    Helen Bell

    Hi norris nuts my name is Emma,I am trying to reach out to you thru the comments of your video. I just wanna say, I appreciate your channel and I thank guys are really great if you do you end up reading this I just wanna say hi.

  • IamHarmony

    naz won all this time so she has 10 or 11 lollies wow :D

  • Vianel Obeso
    Vianel Obeso

    No you did that because you don’t want your sister to have the it you are mean

  • K H
    K H

    24 hours of Naz getting a guinea pig so papa can see how responsible she is spread the word legends

  • Shehnai Limbachia
    Shehnai Limbachia

    Guys i really don't want to say this and u may even call me not a legend but i really love the Norris nuts but i remembered the video when they said they wouldn't team up or randomly accuse but its no accusing or randomly voting but why is Sabre always the one who is suspicious.Because it wasn't just Sabre who was chasing it was also Naz so why wasn't Naz voted out first as Sabre is always the one who is voted out and i really think Sabre should be treated way better as she deserves to .She does a lot of things for her siblings and they all the need to remember that please don't think me as a hater i am just standing up for what i thought was wrong

  • Gabriella Joy
    Gabriella Joy

    sockie u said u knew it was naz when u voted out sabre u didnt know

  • Beej B
    Beej B

    so do australian people call dummies lollys?