OUR LATEST VLOG - Something happened to SOCKIE..
More ROLE PLAY - Sabre's First Date
Watch more Gaming - SABRE SNUCK OUT TO GO TO A PARTY (role play gaming)
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  • Norris Nuts Gaming
    Norris Nuts Gaming

    OUR LATEST VLOG - Something happened to SOCKIE.. More ROLE PLAY - Sabre's First Date Watch more Gaming - SABRE SNUCK OUT TO GO TO A PARTY (role play gaming)

    • auroixia

      Hi Norris Nuts, if you go in settings you can change from Quick Chat! Hope it helps! :)

    • naruto king
      naruto king

      I love you naz your the most important person in my life

    • ProGamerIzabel


    • ProGamerIzabel


    • ProGamerIzabel


  • Zoe Nazarene Tumines
    Zoe Nazarene Tumines

    sockie:9999 plus iq

  • Olivia Roach
    Olivia Roach

    sabre the bump on your tongue is normal i get it all the time it might be a button on your tongue dont worry its normal its not toxic.

  • Adam Awesome
    Adam Awesome

    Biggs yet and light saber

  • Esh Khan
    Esh Khan

    a trick for admin is swipe up to the black line slow and then go fast the rest of the way

  • Alex Schreuder
    Alex Schreuder

    I do

  • Alex Schreuder
    Alex Schreuder

    is it nas or nasy

  • Griffen White
    Griffen White

    I think it is weird that Sabre and biggy were imps the whole time

  • hi I love nn
    hi I love nn

    Don't worry sabre I have a spot thing on my tongue and it's hurts 🤕 love you guys x I'm from 🇬🇧

  • emmAnuel _holton
    emmAnuel _holton

    Can yall try out the new map on among us

  • Paulina A
    Paulina A


  • DumbFlower

    No but biggy said vote captal on accident so captal thought that he said vote him so when captal said vote biggy that was payback and you just wanted to vote captal for no reason at all that’s rude biggy.

  • Bird & babe
    Bird & babe

    What saber has on her Tongue is a lie but that’s what we call it in America I have one too

  • Fran Gilreath
    Fran Gilreath

    It is a burn

  • Sally Robertson
    Sally Robertson

    Hi Norris nuts I’m a super legend and this is a bid request and you guys should play umung us in Roblox

  • Natasha Nelson
    Natasha Nelson

    Norris nuts which part of Australia are you from please reply

  • Angela Crawford
    Angela Crawford

    i dont think purple was trying to snitch on biggy it think hr just siad that to not look sus

  • Aliyah Norris
    Aliyah Norris

    This is for all of the super legends Do you have World of Pets?!?!?!?! I do lol

  • Molly Barratt
    Molly Barratt

    2:45 saber its your taste bud :) i happens to me just dont touch it

  • Anees Basheer
    Anees Basheer


  • Rose.Froggie

    Naz looked at buggy’s screen

  • moinul hossan
    moinul hossan

    Around all the videos I have seen.... Most of them biggy and Naz teamed up suppose among us biggy and Naz teamed up on most of the videos but you did the apologize video so thank you for doing that but in Norris nuts do stuff in last to eat and leave biggy and naz had teamed up on Sabre mostly..... suppose in last to eat and leave in the first letter of your name..... There biggy and Naz wanted to eat all of sabre's food also sockie but biggy and naz did it the most............sorry if hurt your feelings Norris nuts..... Love you guys best ISdownsr in the world.

  • Joe is an eskimo
    Joe is an eskimo

    Wop it’s the best game But they never play on the channel


    It would be so amazing if you guys could do a Roblox adopt me video

  • Nashele Rawls
    Nashele Rawls

    You should do the new airship map

  • Yashiboi

    I like the intro for the world of pets and the song

  • Lifewith_.Arealone

    Who else appreciate that the Norris Nuts are putting so much effort into the gaming channel

  • Crizzplayz Vios
    Crizzplayz Vios

    Trick for admin swipe is you swipe the card really fast again and agian

  • Lilly’s Unicorn
    Lilly’s Unicorn

    Come to the blue mountains and do the SCIENIC railway challenge

  • Angela Crawford
    Angela Crawford

    who caght that sockie said blue and sabre voted kya when sabre was blue it was really sabre and biggy

  • Justice Baptiste
    Justice Baptiste

    I clicked on this video faster than naz could eat cheese

  • •{• Rhànîè •{•
    •{• Rhànîè •{•

    If you notice biggy says that its brown over and over but he is brown o.o

  • gina kakish
    gina kakish

    sabre: i have this bump on my tongue and it really hurts answer: thats a canker sore it should go away in a couple days depending on how bad it is

  • Sienna Fleming
    Sienna Fleming

    You could do a video when you play murder mystery on roblox

  • icie Gaming
    icie Gaming

    I have an olsor on my tongue too

  • Marietta Primero
    Marietta Primero

    Where can i download world of pets

  • Lisa Blacklock
    Lisa Blacklock

    I downloaded world of pets but whenever I go on it takes me of the app

  • samia Patel
    samia Patel

    Sabre if the spot is white u need to Brush ur teeth again

  • Anna Marie Dickinson
    Anna Marie Dickinson

    The bump on ur Tongue is a thing were u eat to much sweets

  • Jordana Payne
    Jordana Payne

    Do more Now

  • gora1979

    I want mama to play amigos

  • Hailey Taylor
    Hailey Taylor

    Sabre if the spot on your tounge hurts when you touch it then you probaly have a infected taste bud. You are fine, it doesn't really matter.


    What about Among Us but no killing aloud

  • Somber Queen
    Somber Queen

    Play among with slender mum she has not been playing with you anymore

  • Isabella Lavoie
    Isabella Lavoie

    All I can say is RIP Nazzy because she is never the imposter lol.

  • Emma and Livi Vlogs
    Emma and Livi Vlogs

    Sabre the spot on your tongue is a bursted taste bud what it is it just hurts for a while. It hurts when you touch it sometimes when you eat. I had it so many times it hurts.

  • Tierra finely-fairweather
    Tierra finely-fairweather

    4:17/dumb move

  • Shiny Norris
    Shiny Norris

    Naz is always crew mate🙁

  • Pi

    Everytime I hear your music i just say sick bars lil man if anyone understands that reference reply saying

  • Toca Spring
    Toca Spring

    Sockie: I don’t get Imposter much Me: I only got imposter 2 times D: Edit: I started among us a while ago

  • Itz Melanie
    Itz Melanie

    What do you mean naz didn’t see sockie come out of medbay

  • Elodie Francia Chappelart Hadinata
    Elodie Francia Chappelart Hadinata

    How to do card swipe for sockie you swipe slowly until the arrow stops than you swipe fast after

  • Q.T._Bear345 B
    Q.T._Bear345 B

    Sab if it’s white and like tiny the bump on your tongue it’s called a canker sore you get them from eating either to much sweet stuff or to much salty stuff nothing to worry about I get them all the time they last a couple days but then they go away love you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ellie Taylor
    Ellie Taylor

    I have a cooking idea for you: You know the letter bricks you used in the “I’ll Buy Whatever You Can Spell” challenge? Well, you spin the mystery wheel to see how many of those letters you get to pick. Then, you pick that anoint of letter bricks. And, for example, if you get six bricks and you choose six bricks and let’s say the letters are E, T, S, O, F and M. Then you can only but cooking stuff that starts with those letters. And you have to but every single letter like E for eggs, T for Tim Tams, S for sugar, and so on. Then make a meal/dessert/drink out of the stuff you got. And if you don’t but every single letter you got, you will me ELIMINATED. If you don’t want to be eliminated and you can’t come up with any good food that starts with that letter, you can buy a bad food in that letter, but GamerDad might not pick you to be the winner. Copy and Paste to get the NN to see this! All credit goes to the original commenter: Kaja Persen

    • Katie-Leigh vlogs
      Katie-Leigh vlogs


  • Grace Whyte
    Grace Whyte


  • shut up malfoy
    shut up malfoy

    Jesus Christ died for our sins

  • Leigh Ladhams
    Leigh Ladhams

    The only thing that is stuck in my head from the cooking channel is I like my cheese I LIKE MY CHEESE 😄

  • Hailey that needs a real freind 😕
    Hailey that needs a real freind 😕

    You should do real life amoug us

  • Christopher Noel
    Christopher Noel

    Stop shourting

  • Christopher Noel
    Christopher Noel

    Sometimes I thing I need to unsibe

  • Clarissa Beddoes
    Clarissa Beddoes

    Do a no venting allowed

  • Kayden Williams
    Kayden Williams

    is a lie bump

  • siimply_natalia_sofia Play_roblox
    siimply_natalia_sofia Play_roblox

    That bump on your tongue is because you eat something that’s not washed saber

  • Sydney Mccausland
    Sydney Mccausland


  • tally westerby
    tally westerby

    it shodent be among us but no meetings allowed it shod be no meeting allowed (Biggy and Sabre get imposter 4 times)

  • harley_Raz

    Stay shripmyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  • Peachiixshine

    People used to spam 24 hours of Naz having a guinea pig to see that she’s responsible but people do realize if she gets one it will die from loneliness very fast so she has to get to or else if it’s dead from loneliness and then if the NN’ts don’t know that it can die from loneliness then Justin will think that she is not responsible but it’s actually not her fault. So yeah and the legend army NEEDS to let them know that it can die from loneliness so Naz can successfully get a guinea pig without it dying really fast and everyone thinking it’s Naz fault....

  • ibecca_yt

    Sabre and biggy teaming up on the first round was EPIC love that❤️

  • Riana Reji
    Riana Reji

    me feeling sorry for Naz because she never gets imp

  • Romeogirls

    you guys should let mamma play again

  • Ella Muller
    Ella Muller

    Btw Sockie for the card swipe do it half way then pause then do the rest of it, it always works for me

  • Holly Dolly
    Holly Dolly

    U don’t post roblox vids anymore

  • Fynn McCavanagh
    Fynn McCavanagh

    Has anyone else been watching the norris nuts for 4-5 years but forgot to subscribe the whole time 🤣🤣

  • Khalid Amin
    Khalid Amin

    The spot is called a suger bug and it means you have had lots of sweets stuff we all have it we all love sweet

  • Laraplayzroblox


  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz

    I think you guys should try out roblox in among us! :’D I have never tried it but I think it would be cool, bc you guys like among us and roblox!

  • MariaS

    you guys should play valorant! its a gun game

  • petal674

    Norris nuts I want you to do a no killing people

  • Jake Blayze
    Jake Blayze

    9:54 its biggy its biggy its biggy oh biggy yeah

  • My Life
    My Life


  • Kailyn Feerick
    Kailyn Feerick

    Sabre don’t worry about the bump on your tongue goes away after maybe two or three days or maybe even a week.

  • Royal Pepper
    Royal Pepper

    Hey Norris Nuts little late on the vid but when Saber was talking about the think on her tongue I had to say that it could be one taste bud reacting to a certain food that it didn’t like

  • Jodi Chamberlain
    Jodi Chamberlain

    The thing on your tongue is a canker

  • Nadege Forde-vidal
    Nadege Forde-vidal

    I feel like when biggy said ‘time to get you little kids’ they shouldn’t of voted him off because if he wasn’t in the room they wouldn’t know like in a real game

  • Ranae Burris
    Ranae Burris

    Could you guys put a code in one of the vlogs so we could all play

  • Maipato Jafta
    Maipato Jafta

    I love them

  • Mikael Östling
    Mikael Östling


  • Dabi Gacha
    Dabi Gacha

    Sockies talk is kinda hard to understand fast speaker 🔈 -,-

  • Chicken nugget Army
    Chicken nugget Army

    Your mercy is so expensive

  • Tenishya Papa
    Tenishya Papa

    i get that on my tongue all the time its norml hah

  • Eve Dawson
    Eve Dawson

    God is good

  • Eve Dawson
    Eve Dawson

    God is good

  • oogie boy
    oogie boy

    Can you do a among us video with Mama I love mama because she is so funny in among us.i love yuo Norris nuts❤️

  • Lesbinemxvibesss

    Sabre you have a swollen taste bud 😬

  • Carmela Hernandez
    Carmela Hernandez

    Hi!! Norris nuts can i ask a question how did you download among us in yung pc?? i really want to try it 😊

  • Jadyn Poindexter
    Jadyn Poindexter

    Can you please come to Ozona tx

  • Christine Bell
    Christine Bell

    I dot like baggy in all channels cues he’s mean and boss

  • Ayana Reed
    Ayana Reed

    Pruple rated on biggy when him and pruple were both imporsters.

  • xXStrawberriesxx Xx
    xXStrawberriesxx Xx

    This video was out on my bday! :D

  • stefano salvati
    stefano salvati

    when sockie said blue and sabre voted Kya. me like sabre is blue!!!