RISKING ALL OUR BISCUITS IN Tower Of Hell ROBLOX Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts
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  • Norris Nuts Gaming
    Norris Nuts Gaming

    WATCH our latest VLOG here isdowns.info/lift/uI2We6pnmWyDjrM/v-deo (Naz gets Guinea Pig Forever) WE RECREATE TIKTOK STARS Dances isdowns.info/lift/qprKe3mJn2d9hbc/v-deo Norris Nuts Family Camping (gone wrong) isdowns.info/lift/ymzJaoSmqISNg6s/v-deo

    • Samanya Kethineni
      Samanya Kethineni

      Can you guys please please do an unedited vlog

    • Lorna Kernahan
      Lorna Kernahan

      I know this has no relation to this vid but did Biggy get stay shrimpy from Forrest Gump

    • Isla Harris
      Isla Harris

      Can naz tell us how she has a different colour laser?

    • Megan Ruffett
      Megan Ruffett

      Norris Nuts when will world of pets be on android because some of us feel like we are missing out on a lot

    • Amandeep Kaur
      Amandeep Kaur

      why does it go silent when Naz skreames

  • Pr M
    Pr M

    Nobody: Norris Nuts: raging in tower of hell in a not raging challenge Also Norris Nuts: not raging in tower of hell in a normal video LOL

  • shine family gaming
    shine family gaming

    Nas is so cute

  • Sophia Reese
    Sophia Reese

    I want to play with you guys :D

  • Jodie Knowles
    Jodie Knowles

    biggy you must not have pure talent because you changed your outfit and you said if you did you have no talent in tower of hell

  • Elizabeth James
    Elizabeth James

    In the Philippines we have like a tiny cookie too

  • Eileen McHale
    Eileen McHale

    not in the uk

  • Ava Haddie
    Ava Haddie

    Omg hii

  • nan gunawan
    nan gunawan


  • Limited_ItzJimmy

    I beat biggy time i got 10 second Jk i got 52 second

  • Melat Haile
    Melat Haile

    No, we don't have no cookies in America but the closest thing would be animal crackers.

  • lacy afam lee
    lacy afam lee

    Why dose naz say that was a glitch but u cleary suck😎

  • Arrabelle Adannya
    Arrabelle Adannya

    8:18 poor Sockie


    Sockie looks a little mad in the cover 😂

  • Anthony gonsalves
    Anthony gonsalves

    U guys can do piggy but if you die u lose a cookie😊 :)

  • Jordyn Pierson
    Jordyn Pierson

    Buggy please stop the young g

  • xXMayahXx Galvin
    xXMayahXx Galvin

    I think it would be more fair if it's just when you get up to the white part because it's a long oath to get to the gate

  • Iyanu Alalade
    Iyanu Alalade

    you guys are saying the h word instead of saying hell say heck because little kids watch you

  • Keagan Clowney
    Keagan Clowney

    i do the cookie bear

  • roselia lopez
    roselia lopez


  • roselia lopez
    roselia lopez


  • Abigail Huber
    Abigail Huber

    I think sockie should have got the cookies she was pretty much at the gate

  • Carlos and Adrian
    Carlos and Adrian

    sockie is so funny

  • Taco

    Can you do a q and a on Australia

  • Amelia Shake
    Amelia Shake

    We don’t have tiny teddies but we do have teddy grams

  • Keyanna N
    Keyanna N

    there called the grahams in America

  • Madeline Ayers
    Madeline Ayers

    I just have a question- How does Sabre have SO MANY coins but never makes any towers-

  • SilverStars

    Omg tiny teddies are exactly the same as teddy grahams in America

  • Miss Chloe Ward
    Miss Chloe Ward

    when sockie was about to make it to the end the second round i think it was unfair because she made it to the top

  • Lizzie Tollemache
    Lizzie Tollemache

    We have them in New Zealand and they are so good!

  • Wayne Dumaluan
    Wayne Dumaluan


  • Howling Husky
    Howling Husky

    Sickie so SAD!!

  • melissa frewen
    melissa frewen

    Norris nuts should do a clolab with dhar

  • Zivahna Edwards
    Zivahna Edwards

    I live in new Zealand so it's kinda confusing of how you say you Americans

  • SimplyLil

    1:27 ( I’m Aussie and in fact I am eating them right now)

  • Ericaplays24

    Who loves the Norris nuts 👇🏻

  • A donutly
    A donutly

    Pls add world of pets game in india pretty please

  • Carine Leon Rosenfield
    Carine Leon Rosenfield

    In America, we have something called "teddy grahams." we also have "Annie's" which are cheddar, gummy or chocolate bunny crackers.

  • need help for wallpaper well we have some you
    need help for wallpaper well we have some you

    We have it in America

  • Nicole Myklebust
    Nicole Myklebust

    Norris nuts in wop it won’t let me join any servers it’s being weird

  • Elle Warnecke
    Elle Warnecke

    Congrats sab

  • SHL4899

    In America those are called teddy grams

  • Arcelia Delgado
    Arcelia Delgado

    Brw in usa they are called teddy grams I love them btw love you videos

  • Ginny Vandenburg
    Ginny Vandenburg

    in America the bears are called teddy grams!

  • Sasha Twidale
    Sasha Twidale

    Me watching this while eating the same cookies that the Norris nuts were risking

  • Ava G
    Ava G

    Yes we have tiny teddy’s! Except in America we call them teddy grams!

  • Eva Osmani
    Eva Osmani

    Can we appritcate how good sabre was today

  • ivory johnson
    ivory johnson


  • K Boone
    K Boone

    In America Tiny teddies are called teddy Graham’s and they are delicious. My favorite flavor is cinnamon.

  • DookayDumpTruck

    in America its called teddy grahams

  • Miah's Treasue
    Miah's Treasue

    In the us we have tiny teddys but there called teddy grams

  • lxbby

    Sockie should have won the second one-


    at 4:18 minutes naz said that: "THAT WAS A GLITCH" well it's not the reason you fell it's because you were moving

  • Vicky Mcdowell
    Vicky Mcdowell

    Sabre jinksed it 😁when she said "just fall sock"

  • Patience Amenong Okoe
    Patience Amenong Okoe

    I love u guys I'm such a big legend I watched from when biggy first got a haircut

  • Sydney Smith
    Sydney Smith

    I love what’s sockie's wearing

  • AdoptMe Playz
    AdoptMe Playz

    I bet it with 47 sec✌🏻💗

  • Jade's Magical World
    Jade's Magical World

    When sockie was risking two cookies in the second round it was Sabres FAULT cuz she said fall sockie

  • Leslie Mojica
    Leslie Mojica

    In America they’re called animal crackers

  • Taylor Cotton
    Taylor Cotton

    In America we have teddy grams

  • Natalie Yousef
    Natalie Yousef

    0:50 Sabre: “I am risking this little chubby dude” Me: Quote of the year.😆

  • Judi Mohamed Mahrous
    Judi Mohamed Mahrous

    Sabre : I'm gonna be risking the... chEoclate one. Me : ^_~ LETS GO SABRE WE'LL MAKE A NEW LANGUAGE ^^

  • Willa Heferle
    Willa Heferle

    The tiny chocolate teddies in America they are called teddy grams they come in chocolate and like honey flavor or something like that


    Can u guys do naz fedding her guinea pigs and biggs feeding his

  • Marissa Monocchi
    Marissa Monocchi

    yes we do have them i used to get them at target! Here they are actully called teddy grams

  • Hqutiedfwe Yefwdtqtuyfde
    Hqutiedfwe Yefwdtqtuyfde

    Baz won’t take care in the Guinea pigs

  • Hqutiedfwe Yefwdtqtuyfde
    Hqutiedfwe Yefwdtqtuyfde

    Buggy is so mean laughing at sickie when she lost

  • Jrman513

    The only Aussie biscuits in America I know of is biscuff or however u spell it we call them cookies and we have bread biscuits.

  • Hugh Rolfs
    Hugh Rolfs

    2:14 When Sabre screams but it’s not loud lmao

  • Keasia Turner
    Keasia Turner

    Yea we do have them in American there call “teddy bears”

  • Mia Refalo
    Mia Refalo

    I am in Australia and I have tiny teddy’s I wish I could get to meet you 🙂

  • Lyla Poulter
    Lyla Poulter

    Sabre: I’m the worst Me: HOW IS SHE SO GOOD

  • s6nia

    the thumbnail for this video…

  • Salama & Meera Abdulla
    Salama & Meera Abdulla

    Omg tiny teddies are the best , when I traveled to Australia I would always take a small packet with me and my favorite ones were the chocolate and chocolate chip ones

  • Safiya alhaj
    Safiya alhaj

    Can you make another one

  • Froggy plays
    Froggy plays

    I love the norris juts they make my day and are so nice it is like being a part of the family thank you norris nuts 😊❤

  • Amymaymouna Kane
    Amymaymouna Kane

    It’s not fair that Sabre the oldest gets a handy cap

    • Unique Rxses
      Unique Rxses

      It’s not about age it’s about skill, also it was Sabre and nazzy.

  • Hadil Bolhos
    Hadil Bolhos

    Cab you guys please play the mimic

  • comfy_gacha

    I laughed so hard when sockie nocked the camera 😂😂😂😂

  • LnayaPlays Games
    LnayaPlays Games


  • Syran Clan leader
    Syran Clan leader

    they should of let sockie off with that level she made it baisicaly

  • hanbananz 10
    hanbananz 10

    in scotland "tiny teadies" are called teadie tots


    In England we don’t have tiny teddies we have other biscuits like rich tea or chocolate digestives


    I reckon that sabre was more surprised that she made the tower than happy Lol

  • Mike𒊹︎Wazowski

    Guys I recommend using shift lock it kinda helps to u?? But to me it makes the tower easy

  • FiDgEt ToYs FuN
    FiDgEt ToYs FuN

    Sabre is getting sooooo much better! ♥️

  • Marni Elizabeth
    Marni Elizabeth

    I just love your videos they're so funny

  • Lex!doesstuff123 Lexi123
    Lex!doesstuff123 Lexi123

    Hey Norris nuts would you like to be mentioned in one of my videos I love all of your videos and I am such a huge fan of your channels and family love u. Bye❤️💕💞

  • Morris the spy ninja dog🧸
    Morris the spy ninja dog🧸

    Who loves the NN

  • Cloud xx
    Cloud xx

    When they always talk to the American legends 😔😖🙁

  • Rochelle Stoffberg
    Rochelle Stoffberg

    World of pets is amazing I love the game😍

  • Harley_smirky bois
    Harley_smirky bois

    Norris nuts i found the hacker that hacked sockies account go on you tube and type izz land and that person showed what the hacker looks like Love Norris nuts videos

  • Bunny Builder
    Bunny Builder

    I don’t this we have those cookies in the US but idk please come to the US

  • Griffen White
    Griffen White

    I love the nn the are so nice and honest and I love there fashion it’s just a little expensive but it look so good 😊

  • Elisa Ivinson
    Elisa Ivinson

    omg this was my idea for the tower of hell challenge thanks for doing it 😁😁


    Who else thinks Sabre is getting better at toh

  • Roblox_gamer Gamer
    Roblox_gamer Gamer


  • Batman Leecia6
    Batman Leecia6

    I watch your videos since I was 4 years old now I am 8 years old When I am Sad watch your videos and then I am not angry anymore

  • Jazzlyn Maldonado
    Jazzlyn Maldonado

    I Call them teddy grahams because like teddy and graham crackers

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