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  • Norris Nuts Gaming
    Norris Nuts Gaming

    Rate it 5 Stars on the App store - we'll be replying to your reviews :) Download WOP here APP Store iOS here

    • Grapey’s Channel
      Grapey’s Channel

      Norris nuts I have a big situation I anlocked the portal but when I try to go in it it is not letting me I am so angry and I am litterly suffering right now I feel like tearing apart a house.

    • Prince the mobile gamer
      Prince the mobile gamer

      I can't get it im on Andriod :(

    • gaming ig
      gaming ig

      Em could I suggest u make it available for androids... I want to play but its knly available for ios

    • spiritscage

      Can you add a SHRIMP FOR SHRIMP SQUAD!!!!!!

    • Craig Throne
      Craig Throne

      Ok I will 😋

  • Purple Queen
    Purple Queen

    How do I fish bc I need 2 sea bass and it’s not makeing me to fish can you help

  • Kinsley Evins
    Kinsley Evins


  • Michael Deegan
    Michael Deegan

    Are all the eggs free

  • Chloe Lillywhite
    Chloe Lillywhite

    Biggy you should make a shrimp squad

  • Motoproto115

    Norris nuts can you please let me join one of your videos one time

  • Ahmed Alali
    Ahmed Alali

    i played the game like its the bet game ever

  • Tahlia jade
    Tahlia jade

    I gave you 5 stars ⭐️

  • Tahlia jade
    Tahlia jade

    Right now your number 18

  • Alice Zlamalova
    Alice Zlamalova

    I’ll Be Giving 5 Stars This Is AMAZING!

  • Campbell's Collection
    Campbell's Collection

    you should make emotes coins and gems

  • SisplaysYT

    Can you please add it on all devices because I dont have an iPhone or iPad or anything apple

  • Sxnny Official's
    Sxnny Official's

    It would be better if its on android too

  • Kyla Richardson
    Kyla Richardson

    i love you guys

  • Kyla Richardson
    Kyla Richardson

    wow you guys are so cool and i can tell you guys work and your game is amazing

  • Hadley Warren
    Hadley Warren

    It’s a little glit

  • Julia kaminska
    Julia kaminska

    Norris nuts I’m really stuck on Help the town could you please help me?!

  • Jane Skywalker
    Jane Skywalker

    I love world of pets 😊

  • Ms AJ
    Ms AJ

    Hi I think you should add a surf boards and like you should make us a surf quest to find them somewhere around the map and you can surf to end the quest


    Its sooo sad i can't play it BC I'm in tablet 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aaron Zambrano
    Aaron Zambrano

    pls make it work on android

  • Pink Flamingo Gaming
    Pink Flamingo Gaming

    U guys spent all this time on the game and every name I put in ISNT avalible

  • Aubrey Mathes
    Aubrey Mathes


  • Zz TheGamerGirl
    Zz TheGamerGirl

    You guys should make rainbow pets! Like the galaxy pets but RAINBOW!

  • Prakashrao Scindia
    Prakashrao Scindia

    You all are so amazing I love you all

  • 《Honeyclouds》

    Sad life for andriod Witch is me:( But iI still love your channel

  • gracelyn welch
    gracelyn welch

    im not trying to hate or be mean and biggy dont cry but on the iPad its really bad and leggy and it logs my out ever time and we i tried to log back in it says it all ready have been user or whatever bye i love y'all so much

  • Angel Aragon
    Angel Aragon

    I can't play because I have an android but, I wish I could play

  • Nermin Akyildiz
    Nermin Akyildiz

    make a replica of your house and a neighborhood

  • Nermin Akyildiz
    Nermin Akyildiz

    i play it everyday its the best game ever

  • Annalee Johnson
    Annalee Johnson

    When is wop android coming out

  • RobloxOnFire

    Can you add a skate park and a trolling troop camp?

  • TheGameAddict

    i can't download it im in mac but i can't i don't have pc :(


    I can't download it. Idk why, but it's rly disappointing. Please look into making it on browser where you don't have to download it.

  • Erwin Gamez
    Erwin Gamez

    I can't play it I have android :(

  • Sean Playzz
    Sean Playzz

    I feel so bat to the legends that is using Android like me:( I wish I could help the Norris nuts :c

  • sammypanda

    I'm sure it's fun but I can't join cuz I'm not on Android but my mom is android but I'm asking mom to download it 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I'm not in yet

  • Maribel Contreras
    Maribel Contreras

    I like How you are so creative, Norris nuts like the World of pets I love it. 🤩🤩🤩

  • M&M Plays
    M&M Plays

    Can you please do house!PLEASE

  • Ntebaleng Chokwe
    Ntebaleng Chokwe

    And add your own housing phone's

  • Ntebaleng Chokwe
    Ntebaleng Chokwe

    How about Mc Donald

  • Chinwe U
    Chinwe U

    Hi guys I'm a super-duper legend and I love your videos and I really want to play world of pets but I'm on Android so I was just wondering when it's coming out on Android?

  • Karl Peleke
    Karl Peleke

    Norris nuts when will you make world of pets on android

  • xGacha_Sunflowerx

    Im not allowed to dowload games without permission but guess what norris nuts! i told them u created a game and they said u can have it if it cost money and i said its free! they said i can download it!

  • Natalie Newens
    Natalie Newens

    I can't find world of pets on my an droid please help

  • golden gang
    golden gang

    I can't play world of pets because I have a Android

    • golden gang
      golden gang


  • Volox - yt
    Volox - yt

    why is biggy chewing his cord 6:18

  • Toolsy Navish
    Toolsy Navish

    I dont play WOP because im a android player But I Was Atually Making Up these Ideas In my dreams 😅 BUT HERE THEY ARE : 1. More Pets Namely A new Mythical Pet ( The KittyCorn ) More Epics ( Nutella Cow / Deermon / Yeti ) Some Legendaries ( Dolphin / Snow Piglet / Queen Shrimp ) Hope U liked the ideas ?! STAY SHRIMPY CATCH ME KNUCKLES CYA LEGENDS 😀😀😀 1.

  • Emmajane Williams
    Emmajane Williams

    I will

  • kai ruzzaman
    kai ruzzaman

    you should add a gaming place like a arkade

  • Arvind Kumar
    Arvind Kumar

    Hi noris nuts my name is Katie and I just installed world of pets and something is wrong I’m like moving but like my screen is kinda gray and it looks like I’m in the fountain but on my map I’m moving so can u pls come t back to me or make a vid on how to fix that pls ok thank u bye noris nuts

  • Preeti Seegolam
    Preeti Seegolam

    Once it is released on Android the first thing I'll do is rate it 5 stars🌟 Catch Me Knuckles

  • Antoinelle&Quessia

    Can U guys please add a maijc pet ! Maybe a uncorn a dragan a octopoos and U can think about more ,and by the way I am a big Legend

  • disapointen

    I think i download the *wrong game of NN 👁👄👁💦*

  • anneliese vlogs
    anneliese vlogs

    It won't let us play

  • Katy Ash
    Katy Ash

    Can you all put world of pets for Samsung,redmi and apple

  • • Miraculous •
    • Miraculous •

    i really wanna play with you norris nuts but i have android please make it available on android i don't have IOS:(

  • Oceans Collided
    Oceans Collided

    maybe you guys should allow to make our own skins in the game and if it is already in it's ok


    Can I plz put game on Android

  • Kaila Piet
    Kaila Piet

    And apple

  • Summer palczynski
    Summer palczynski

    Hi Norris nuts I loaded your new game but it crashes it so I can’t play well done Norris nuts the legends will love it bye from summer p

  • Zoe Nazarene Tumines
    Zoe Nazarene Tumines

    I dont know how to play;(

  • Kathryn Thompson
    Kathryn Thompson

    I have one problem do you have to pay to get in the game because if you then I can’t play the game because my mum won’t let me

  • Zulayka Weijs-de Mei
    Zulayka Weijs-de Mei

    Is ios android 3

  • elsie _ girly girl
    elsie _ girly girl

    Please my dream is for the Norse nuts to reply to my comment so Norris nuts can you please reply you don't have to❤

  • Bonnie And Hayley
    Bonnie And Hayley

    I downloaded World Of Pets on my IPad today! It’s really great but there is a couple of bugs.. I get kicked off the game every copuple of seconds! And sometimes I get kicked out of the game and have to log back in. Sometimes I can’t join into a server! D:

  • Lemonade Crystal twins
    Lemonade Crystal twins

    I saw the game it was awesome

  • Elise Hollinhead
    Elise Hollinhead

    give Biggy a dog

  • Nico Db
    Nico Db

    When I got the game it told me connection lost

  • Mary Kelly
    Mary Kelly

    I'm going to give u guys 5 Stars and if I could I would a billion stars .love u guys Summer❤️💙❤️💙

  • Serina Strazz
    Serina Strazz

    im not sure wich world of pets is the real one

  • Serina Strazz
    Serina Strazz

    im not sure witch world of pets is the eral one

  • Brigette Does it
    Brigette Does it

    Definitely downloading

  • daisy eyres
    daisy eyres

    i have a idea that you can do minigames in wop and earn coins

  • Tanya Daddy
    Tanya Daddy

    Gys wen is wop coming out on android? I relly want to play

  • JuneyxBoba


  • Britt Richards
    Britt Richards

    How do you get different clothes on wop

  • robloxwithlaya


  • Time to have some fun
    Time to have some fun

    Hello my. Name is scarlett and I can not play world of pets bc every time I want to go on it it just has a blank screen

  • Kittys speedbuilds💖
    Kittys speedbuilds💖

    Wish I could play of samsaung

  • ❤️❤️Kynslee❤️❤️

    Can u make it to where people can play a tablet please

  • Nadia Skobel
    Nadia Skobel


  • Gamergirl Caitlin
    Gamergirl Caitlin

    Hey norris nuts!! I love you guys! I really want to play the game but when I enter all the information and press start I cant get past that stage so I haven’t been able to play 😢 anybody know what I should do?

  • Little Roses
    Little Roses


  • Sarah_pro Secillano
    Sarah_pro Secillano

    Maybe my idea is you can put the Norris nuts fashion in the dress shop in fashion designer Sabre?

  • Larissa Canis
    Larissa Canis

    Sorry my phone wont work so i cant get it i have samsung and im a huge fan

  • Asian Lia
    Asian Lia

    just found out wop is out. sooo lateeee reeeeee. BUT ABSOLUTELY LOVE ITTTT

  • Stephania Borg
    Stephania Borg

    can you do it on android please i love you guys and it looks so fun and creative

  • Susan Clark
    Susan Clark

    I got a crocodile do you wanna play with me

  • That’s Me!
    That’s Me!

    I will give five star

  • Sam

    I don’t know if this is possible but I’d love to see each Norris Nut to have a realm! For example, Sockie’s realm would have a statue of her avatar on it and in her realm might be some cooking shops or restaurants! Another example would be Naz’s realm which could have a bunch of pet shops and have a statue of her avatar in the middle of it! The game is great and I really do like but it does log me out every time I join. Other then that, keep up the good work!! 💕💕

  • Keerthana Elanchelian
    Keerthana Elanchelian

    Sry guys I am using android so I don't have it but I will not rate it 5 starts I will rate it 100 stars

  • yulissa

    Hi Norris nuts my sister watches your channel Everytime and she doesn't now if wop is on Android? Pls reply

  • Mike Frayling
    Mike Frayling

    Ok I will give it a 5 star

  • Amy Thomson
    Amy Thomson

    Homes we need homes and we can have a SECRET pet lair

  • AmeliaPlaysRoblox

    Is there a sloth pet?

  • Kiara McGowan
    Kiara McGowan

    IPlayer on a phone but it won't let me download it

  • MC Vlogs !
    MC Vlogs !

    I installed your game I give a million billion stars. Can you reply in one of your videos to my comment

  • Qunicorn Plays
    Qunicorn Plays

    Hi noris nuts i rated 5 stars but i just wanted to tell u that the game lags alot on ipad so pls check if it does or its just me

  • Ishita Mahi
    Ishita Mahi

    Hi Norris nuts I'm a big legend from almost 1 and a half years and I think there's a bug in the WOP ,sometimes when the guinea pig wants apple , u give it but still the sign is there that the guinea pig wants apple so can u plss fix it