SABRE'S SECRET DIARY (THEY READ IT ALOUD) - Role Play Brookhaven Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts
WE ANNOYED SABRE in AMONG US (Instantly regretted decision)
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    Norris Nuts Gaming


    • LaQuita Fulks
      LaQuita Fulks

      Omg noris nuts

    • alvin zander tejada
      alvin zander tejada

      106 reply

    • Just_kc31

      @bearrys oh ok

    • hamnah siddique
      hamnah siddique

      Plz tell me. When do you play Roblox I know biggy s name I see him every day he is not online

    • bearrys

      @Just_kc31 king of king is a bot

  • Shekhar Budhani
    Shekhar Budhani


  • Viking Empire Studios
    Viking Empire Studios

    I wish my mom was sockie LoL

  • Rehab Fawzy
    Rehab Fawzy

    Let's saber is mom I love you guys ❤️💜

  • Ady Lonaker
    Ady Lonaker

    Sabre in the roleplays is stuck in the wrong friend group. Anyone agree?

  • renee johnson
    renee johnson

    can u say uhi monie

  • Abeny Nassana
    Abeny Nassana

    Naz u r amazing at acting

  • M Theo
    M Theo

    Sabre: Dear diary, You know my family is sooo cRiNgEy. Me: Ok then ;-;

  • Arianna And Her
    Arianna And Her

    its so fun that sockie is the mum because she is a boss queen🥰😭

  • Fizza Jaffery
    Fizza Jaffery

    My favourite part is when Biggy burn the burgers and whe Sabre said Reeses puffs eat them eat them up

  • magical tato
    magical tato

    2:01 Sockie talking about a family day out and biggie is just holding a gun-

  • Pieter Koornhof
    Pieter Koornhof

    Sorry Sabre that your family is annoying. I know how you feel

  • olive gaming and more stuff
    olive gaming and more stuff

    i think you should do brookhaven with sleder mum

  • Miah's Treasue
    Miah's Treasue

    I know this is a role play but if your “friends” are making fun of you and making you uncomfortable and making you feel embarrassed then i don’t think there a real friend

  • Charlotte Sproule
    Charlotte Sproule

    BRO IM A HUGE FAN! Ik lol

  • Katie Perry
    Katie Perry

    Poor Sabre

  • Hayden

    I love Sockie's Evil Laugh as Ruby

  • Arianna Lefurgy
    Arianna Lefurgy

    *biggy on fire* sockie: oh.. that’s annoying 😑 (LOVE ITTTT)

    • Arianna Lefurgy
      Arianna Lefurgy

      Im sorry I had to edit it like 12 million times, it kept Autocorrecting

  • fatima kareem
    fatima kareem

    This is ,y family

  • Tenzin Dolkar
    Tenzin Dolkar

    😂sockie's gonna be great mom

  • Reign Gabrielle
    Reign Gabrielle

    sabre the makeup is not a prop _ who dances good challenge

  • niama richards
    niama richards

    Biggy:Wassup girly Me:Dieing of laughter😂😂

  • Hannah Aly
    Hannah Aly

    Jesus is coming soon repent and pray and read the bible and spread the gospel before it’s too late !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mia ODonnell
    Mia ODonnell

    Biggy and naz is sooo funny 😁

  • laura tuzikova
    laura tuzikova

    maybe one fun

  • maheen fatima
    maheen fatima

    where was naz the whole vid

  • Genesis Adjoshoke
    Genesis Adjoshoke

    What’s the song that u used for world of pets in the intro

  • Zp Puppy
    Zp Puppy

    I have a I pad I’ve searched world of pets on the App Store but it did not show up

  • Adela Skepple
    Adela Skepple

    Becky:”What kiddie pool gurll” Me:🥳🤩🤣🤣😂😇

  • TodoRBX

    7:42 ✨WhAtS Up giRliE✨

  • Mikayla Natta
    Mikayla Natta

    You know what i get bulled everyday by my own friends so I hang out boys and then they say like this boy called jake but i dont so i have 10 friends but only 3 are nice

  • Itz_Jassy


  • Zul Ahmad
    Zul Ahmad

    Girl don't gossip girl I don't hang around with the gossip girl don't gossip girl

  • Charley Knight
    Charley Knight

    I just downloaded world of pets

  • Umayma Ashna Alim
    Umayma Ashna Alim

    You should change your nickname at Brookhaven,Naz cuz my nickname in Brookhaven is Megan.

  • Avo Sloth
    Avo Sloth

    Sabre: Ruby hates me, my mum hates me, EVERYONE HATES ME!!!! Me Welcome to the club :)

  • Taxen

    I’m a fan of y’all i like y’all to much

  • Paris Damron
    Paris Damron

    Ruby THE QUUUUUEEEEEEN!: ♪and i filmed ittt and i filmed ittt♪ Me: Hey! I can can finish that song ♪if u cut out a piece of me now I’m bleeding Eturntaly like without youu with out youuuu♪

  • extreme games
    extreme games

    2:23 naz head lol

  • Farooq Janjua
    Farooq Janjua


  • Bookwormie

    Why is naz always so mean in roblox. Ik its roleplay but it's just mean

    • Puppy ArtHeart
      Puppy ArtHeart

      Yea I know.

  • *Froggy plays*
    *Froggy plays*

    I’m laughing so hard Becky’s voice lol

  • Sam Brannick
    Sam Brannick

    More Brookhaven rpppp!

  • WLTE

    I wonder what hapen to naz flexibility?

  • shamsul kabir
    shamsul kabir

    Where is NAZZY?

  • gacha sammy
    gacha sammy

    I think you hacker is ashen or Spanish but a girl

  • Todoroki

    24 hours of naz having a guinea pig to show Justin how responsible she is.

  • Monea Adkins
    Monea Adkins


  • Christy Rowe
    Christy Rowe

    Do a Nother video

  • Dawn Murphy
    Dawn Murphy

    In Ireland teenagers go to the playground and just hog the swings and drink their monster

  • myxbasxment

    1:47 they only care abt the burgers 🍔

  • ledgenary gamers
    ledgenary gamers

    biggy also non as becky loves the word Jason drulo

  • Gianna Danica Orbeta
    Gianna Danica Orbeta

    Ik know that u guys added dances but when can u add Android

  • Pyper Smith
    Pyper Smith

    I love it I saw you in real life I live in White Court

  • Robert Rock
    Robert Rock

    Part 2 plsssssss

  • Chef Favour
    Chef Favour

    They have to do another, maybe it could be sadre getting her own by and moving out

  • Lemon Norris
    Lemon Norris

    Plot twist! Two years laterrrrrrrrr share is 18 and she moves outlives her on life!!!!! The mum hates it! Like so the Norris nuts can see this!!!!!

  • Chicken wings
    Chicken wings

    Does world of pets work on Android cause it didn't let me download it

  • Oofer Gang
    Oofer Gang

    Sabre skips school to hang out with mystery boyfriend

  • It’z Ashley Playz
    It’z Ashley Playz

    3:20 *Slender mum has made an appearance* -. .- Slender mum: Yuh 👁👄👁💅 ✊💄. ✊


    I love their Brookhaven Roleplays Pls do more : )

  • Emma Jayne
    Emma Jayne

    Star wars because I need to get mansions it's 250 Roblox but then you can get Lamborghinis and mansions and biggie could drive a Lamborghini

  • Fresh Creations
    Fresh Creations

    *dork diaries*

  • Girly Gamer
    Girly Gamer


  • Jade Partridge
    Jade Partridge

    hi sockie i am following you on roblox i love you guys plz give me a shout out

  • Renee Barnes
    Renee Barnes

    sockie don't listen to the news they are just trying to scare you. i live in America and I don't see one gunshot. yes, there are guns but people don't use them all the time.

  • Chaya Thompson
    Chaya Thompson

    Can u do it on boloxburg

  • Simply Sunset
    Simply Sunset

    When part 2 coming out???

  • jader Ramirez
    jader Ramirez

    I like the intro music

  • Ellalolhehe

    Pls more Brookhaven stories!

  • maliha Ishtiaq
    maliha Ishtiaq

    Please stop it I don't like this CV maker video for you guys saying I am sorry to say I'm sorry ok please I don't mean to say that the videos are bad I'm seeing that I just don't know what is anymore 😥😥😥😥😥😭

  • Sunny strawberry
    Sunny strawberry

    ban phone day for today : pov me getting bannded from laptop for a week ... if i even tried to go on my dad would block everything /

  • Aniyah Harvey
    Aniyah Harvey

    can you do when sabre runs away then finds out she's adopted or her dad shows up

  • Gianna muscaro
    Gianna muscaro

    There is a person named savage clips who mean I want to see a reaction vid from you guys so that the legends can see. Also don’t worry all the legends are standing up for you in the comments you guys are the best

  • Lian De Guzman
    Lian De Guzman

    This is the most popular games: World Of pets Roblox Minecraft Fortnite Cod ROS Gta 5 Mobile Legends Which Games Do u love the most?

  • gtrain & aaliyah
    gtrain & aaliyah

    Can you guys please play murder mystery 2

  • Ríona O’Dwyer
    Ríona O’Dwyer

    Where’s Naz?

  • YSG!

    9:57 why is biggys job is a criminal

  • fanny axnas
    fanny axnas

    this story is kinda like dork diaries 😂

  • ابو مشاري
    ابو مشاري

    Hahahaha your so funny 😂

  • cordelia garrison
    cordelia garrison

    omg becky is my fav charecther

  • Rian Stew
    Rian Stew

    I love your videos soo much

  • the racsters
    the racsters

    does anyone notes that naz does not really talk when they r role playing in Brookhaven?

  • Rita Sharobim
    Rita Sharobim

    Is this part 3

  • Dmitry Korneyev
    Dmitry Korneyev

    Nazzy loves the word overrated

  • The Jorges
    The Jorges

    Hi Whalen r u guys going to do a part 2 of say it or shoot

  • Illusion Ninja
    Illusion Ninja

    The thumbnail behind is the streets game

  • Yombo Mbuta
    Yombo Mbuta

    Umm why isn't Naz in the video untill halfway (5:12)

  • Helen Young
    Helen Young

    Pls naz deserves a guinea pig

  • StarWillow Edits
    StarWillow Edits

    Omg yas world o pets is out

  • YueQi Sam
    YueQi Sam

    Sabere you can just prank

  • Lois Vaughan-Davies
    Lois Vaughan-Davies

    24 hours of naz having a guinea pig to show how responsible she is. Lets spread the word legends xx

  • Bertine123

    everyone stopp is not funny! i deleted my text! AND IAM A LEGENDS I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR ABOUT 3 AND HALF YEAR! sorry NN if your seeing this someone said that im not a legend

  • Amelia Glennon
    Amelia Glennon

    Wait wasn’t the diry black and then I turned green

  • emilie girl emoji
    emilie girl emoji

    There are playing brookhaven i play that with my friend

  • Abdul Wasay Ehsan khan
    Abdul Wasay Ehsan khan

    where is naz??

  • Mehra Sulekha
    Mehra Sulekha

    Pls do a many parts of this ans another role play

  • lolpop felix
    lolpop felix

    more pls play more Brookhaven

  • Alexis Barahona
    Alexis Barahona

    You guys should make a ISdowns channel for these series

  • Leo Gonzales
    Leo Gonzales

    Can you do more book have