WE ANNOYED SABRE IN AMONG US (instantly regretted decision) Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts
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  • Norris Nuts Gaming
    Norris Nuts Gaming

    WATCH Next - SABRE MEETS HER CELEBRITY CRUSH isdowns.info/lift/rZy7p6lkdXmssZo/v-deo​ SABRE SNUCK OUT TO A PARTY isdowns.info/lift/r4yspKiiaGmAi6c/v-deo​ *new Vlog * WHICH NORRIS NUT CAN EAT MOST COOKIES isdowns.info/lift/z32zjoB3aH6tgLM/v-deo

    • INotZade

      Y’all Didn’t even do it for a long time it was like 1 minute and naz was saying I feel so bad at the beginning of the prank and nothing really happened but overall I love ❤️ watching you guy’s videos

    • Lily Taylor
      Lily Taylor

      Sabre you should of sabo

    • SweetTreat


    • Cyclone YT
      Cyclone YT

      I love your Brookhaven roleplays please make this a never ending series I watched them all and got so sad when I couldn't find anymore Brookhaven videos and got so excited and hyped when I got the notification for this video please oh please make it a never ending series LOVE YOU Catch Me Nuckles

    • Noelle Esteban
      Noelle Esteban

      Is world of pets out already?

  • Kris McCann
    Kris McCann

    Um biggy and naz are still teaming

  • gnafxc

    Mama Norris in the corner of the mirror be like 🤓

  • brad hanlon
    brad hanlon

    in the start when black and sab were imp blacks name hadd a very bad word in it

  • Rosieandrodney

    GUYS DO NOT SAY “Sheesh kebab” it’s rascit !!!!!!!!

  • cathy shao
    cathy shao

    everyone is saying how nice the other norris nuts were to sabre but can we appreciate how nice sabre was as a big sister ? she didn’t even yell or get mad at the other siblings

  • agsiebert

    You should do a prank on mama and papa

  • Jamiee Playz
    Jamiee Playz


  • Mira Sandin
    Mira Sandin

  • Leire Sufran Yevilla
    Leire Sufran Yevilla

    has biggy forgotten txunamy

  • Kamryn Schmidt
    Kamryn Schmidt

    So they did a annoying SABRE vid but they can't do one to any other NN!!!!!!!

  • Kylie Booker
    Kylie Booker


  • Raylee Grace
    Raylee Grace

    if my siblings did this to me i’d be pushing them to the ground and tackling them

  • Jasmine Findlen
    Jasmine Findlen

    sockie is the worst

  • un1_

    Who else saw mamma filming them in the mirror

  • bellxaa

    Video idea, ignore one norris nut in among us then see if they get annoyed if they don’t they win a mystery box!!!!!

  • Ximposter

    Sockie goes likem SHEESH KABAB lmao

  • Tammy Wallace
    Tammy Wallace


  • John Duthaler
    John Duthaler

    How come you always annoy sabre why not sockie like u have done it to boggy but u do more to sabre

  • Canin Crawford
    Canin Crawford

    This is why I don’t troll in among us😐😐

  • Adelyn Kinkelaar
    Adelyn Kinkelaar

    Is no one going to talk about Sabres name

  • Angela Crawford
    Angela Crawford

    if you dont like the challgen don t do it you guys are mean for this sab desversw better

  • Angela Crawford
    Angela Crawford

    why do the norris nuts always pick on sabre she is shuch a good sport they should do this to sockie or biggy why sabre you guys just need to stop picking on her she handles it so well she desvers more than sockie and biggy have sabre never wins ant challgens when she is 16 she should have a phone she need a phone or apple watch mire then sockie or biggy or evan naz this is ridlousness you need to stop it

  • Rani Wong
    Rani Wong

    I hate biggy and nai are so spoiler

  • Elsie Williams
    Elsie Williams

    Biggy you made me in love with the shrimp army my name in wop is Shrimpy Niah and I yell shrimp in the grocery store and out of the car.😂

  • Vernice Taylor
    Vernice Taylor

    My name is poppa

  • blissvity

    SABRE NEEDS A PHONE!! (spread the word)

  • Mia Torres
    Mia Torres

    Sockie you have to stop venting when you have one person left cuz someone call emergency meeting no hate love you guys have been watching you since 2018

  • Kali Barnhardt
    Kali Barnhardt


  • Kids in my basement Lol
    Kids in my basement Lol

    Thwy put down thier own sibling for a video they are just stupid and rude I hope they will all die lol

  • sLuRp_queen

    Is world of pets free on apple ipad?

  • Riley Smyth
    Riley Smyth


  • Alexandra Hampshire
    Alexandra Hampshire

    U know that black had hoe in his name and they saying a swear word

  • Gurpreet jandu
    Gurpreet jandu

    Who else thinks the nn should do a shrimp range? Copy and paste to get the word out! AND STAY SHRIMPY!!! 🦐 🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐

  • Gurpreet jandu
    Gurpreet jandu

    wait how is naz allowed to wear belly tops and sabre is not is naz the older daughter?

  • Iamjoanofficial

    They don’t even notice there was a bad word

  • Rug Bradley
    Rug Bradley

    Hi norris nutttsssss

  • Coco Mitchell
    Coco Mitchell

    Does anyone else find the fact that black was called ‘FlamingHOE’ 😂

  • Neda Shafie
    Neda Shafie

    9:43 sockie almost said shit

  • Neda Shafie
    Neda Shafie

    9:43 Sockie almodt said shit

  • Lucy

    My ears.... Bruh I was wearing airpods

  • Liana Engeseth Kjeilen
    Liana Engeseth Kjeilen

    Did anyone see slendermum in the mirror?😂

  • Skylie Harbaugh
    Skylie Harbaugh

    Honestly it's so sad how they have to say biggy thought saber self reported and that's how the game works. Because all of you guys are supposed to be legends and support but you don't, you make them feel bad about their videos and tell them that they're being mean or that you don't like their videos. So haters get away only true legends should stay

  • Christina Garcia
    Christina Garcia

    Hahaha at the end 🤣 love your videos ❤️

  • betsy cabrera
    betsy cabrera

    World of pets is bad No offense its really laggy and only WASD not arrow keys which is annoying

  • Marie Sulda
    Marie Sulda

    They pulled a “Darh Mahn” in the title INSTANTLY REGRETS lol

  • _.jewelry

    i watch yall everyday

  • Lior The Best Gamer
    Lior The Best Gamer

    lol someone's name has a bad word so Sockie just said there color and ignored them

  • Bream

    Biggy and Naz litterally made a video for stop teaming but there are teaming with sockie but its a prank so imma let it slide XD

  • Ruby

    I downloaded world of pets but they wouldn’t let me put a name in

  • Ebony Sephton
    Ebony Sephton

    could you pls do another among us clip i realy enjoy watching them if nt if your busy thats fine

  • Avani Gregg
    Avani Gregg

    The first game someone had a swear in the name I would apologise for it as piggy said it multiple times.

  • Changes his name every 5 seconds yt
    Changes his name every 5 seconds yt

    My brother made a shirt in roblox called biggy bad.

  • Ellie’s Life official
    Ellie’s Life official

    Why is it always saves

  • Ashley Alvarado
    Ashley Alvarado

    No Offence but I feel like naz and biggy and sockie are being really rude to Sabre i’m trying to annoy her which is kind a really rude and I think you guys should stop annoying sabre

  • Taeglow

    but the weird think is that sabre goes to slendermum and gamerdad bathroom.....so is she like heartbroken before the other norris nuts say were sorry?

  • Gaming Withyae
    Gaming Withyae

    Even though you guys said you didn’t like this prank why do you guys always have to target sab. I didn’t see any videos of. you guys doing pranks on each other just saying

  • charlie mcnaughton
    charlie mcnaughton

    The crop top that Naz was wearing was a bit .. Idk short for her age or is it just me Idk

  • Maysa Ahsan
    Maysa Ahsan

    Pure dhar man title “instant regret”

  • Kiarash Khosrotehrani
    Kiarash Khosrotehrani

    And Sockie!

  • Miss sweep Hall05
    Miss sweep Hall05

    I don't like how if biggy said it's LIMEEE then everybody else said vote lime stop voting if someone said it

  • H&I vlogs
    H&I vlogs

    RIP people with headphones 😂

  • Stacey Caldecott
    Stacey Caldecott

    I click on this video before biggy could say it's the best game

  • Shane Holmes
    Shane Holmes

    I just subscribed I’m a real legend now 😁😁

  • Freya Gaming
    Freya Gaming

    im sorry but the first game the name for black

  • Cherotich Murrey
    Cherotich Murrey

    watch 123 go

  • Chitra Narayanasamy
    Chitra Narayanasamy

    If u do this to sabre again😡. I will unsubscribe your channel.. U can do to Naz Because she is dumb. I hate her so much .the worst Norris nut is Naz🤬

  • KaishLume AnimeArtEverything
    KaishLume AnimeArtEverything

    Was Naz sneaking Roblox? Because it is 11:14 PM Where I am RIGHT NOW , and I am on roblox and I follower her and she has a couple new friends that aren't her family. The users are Cammyxbob , cuteitopool , mikedrop937 , soposhadow , ssglizzy , and thats it.. but I think she was sneaking Roblox

  • Spidey -Gaming
    Spidey -Gaming

    Hello parents. So i promise you. 16 is a very responsibile age for a phone. I got a phone at 14. So i promise u its okay. Love you guys btw!

  • Hsbh Jsbsh
    Hsbh Jsbsh

    among us is so old

  • maria !!??{}
    maria !!??{}


  • XxRobloxRustyTapsxX

    wait who put the "biggy thought it was sabre that is how the game works :)" yeah we know how the game works and how much TOXITITY that just made wasn't "cool" but how the game DOESN'T work is how biggy and naz team up on Sabre and hurt her feelings

  • merab Sheikh
    merab Sheikh

    Lol sabre at the end🤣🤣😂🤣: Bye Suckers🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Cesarie Ann Maligaya
    Cesarie Ann Maligaya

    I'm a legend but Naz u shouldn't shout it out that sockie vented I'm very diapointed

  • Monica Gonzalez
    Monica Gonzalez

    I thought that one of the things sabre was gonna win was wap lol

  • Layla Baker
    Layla Baker

    I absolutely loveeeeee how sabe was like see ya suckers at the end😄😂😂

  • Stuart Seeley
    Stuart Seeley


  • Elena Ferat
    Elena Ferat


  • auvriee ୨
    auvriee ୨

    I watched you guys when i was little,thanks for making my childhood good 💕💕💕💕

  • Fernanda Da Silva
    Fernanda Da Silva

    i really really really really really REALLY want to play with you guys!!!

  • Zahra AlKafajey
    Zahra AlKafajey

    hiiiii norrisnutsss

  • lush88able

    omg sabre is so mad but at the end she was not funny

  • lush88able

    i play roblox too and brookhaven is best you guys

  • lush88able

    make more videos among us videos i love them brookhaven ones

  • lush88able

    so nice biggy and naz naz is sweet and biggy so sweet

  • Ashley Renata
    Ashley Renata

    Sorry to annoy you guys but when does world of pets in android be released??

  • PhoebeFlamingo

    When Naz said they just like being nice to each other :D

  • Mainav Rajgor
    Mainav Rajgor

    You should annoy Sockie because Sockie always has the worst ideas to annoy people

  • ♥ Chris and Kaitlyn TV ♥
    ♥ Chris and Kaitlyn TV ♥


  • MJ Mukbang
    MJ Mukbang

    Did u notice someone was named flamingH*E

  • Yoltzin Valenzuela
    Yoltzin Valenzuela

    Why do you guys always get Sabre it’s not fair every time you say you don’t like it you keep doing it to her ;(

  • Risa Mondle
    Risa Mondle

    Sabre: Hey why is it me?? Biggy: Cause you were in vents to be poos Lol

  • Julia Bobcean
    Julia Bobcean

    Do the Norris Nuts know that their knees and ankles and wrists are all tan but everything else is not it looks a little weird but if that is what they like then i'm cool with it! Not trying to be mean! GO LEGANDS!

  • Megan Rish
    Megan Rish

    Hi! I want to start a gaming channel! Do you mind telling me your editing link

    • amaris

      @Megan Rish no problem

    • Megan Rish
      Megan Rish

      @amaris wow ok tysm!!

    • amaris

      they edit on final cut pro but its super expensive (300$) so i would reccomend using capcut to start with its free

  • Liv's Legos and fun!!
    Liv's Legos and fun!!

    I clicked on this video faster than biggy can say "its the best game"

  • Doireann Keena
    Doireann Keena


  • Kayla Guerrier
    Kayla Guerrier

    You all apologize but like it’s always on sabre not on anyone else I understand like it’s a prank but it’s getting a bit mean because it’s always on her you never do it on biggy or naz

  • Izan Fatima
    Izan Fatima

    get a ginpin juistn

  • Aqua X0916
    Aqua X0916

    I love how Biggy just kills in public hehe

  • Liv M
    Liv M