HATED CHILD Becomes a FAMOUS YOUTUBER (Norris Nuts Role Play) Brookhaven Gaming
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    Norris Nuts Gaming

    OUR LATEST VLOG - RECREATE FAMOUS TIKTOKERS isdowns.info/lift/qprKe3mJn2d9hbc/v-deo More ROLE PLAY - Sabre's First Date isdowns.info/lift/l6PTn3BzgpaLiJY/v-deo Watch more Gaming - SABRE SNUCK OUT TO GO TO A PARTY (role play gaming) isdowns.info/lift/r4yspKiiaGmAi6c/v-deo

    • Abdul Aziz Al Abdulla
      Abdul Aziz Al Abdulla

      rly cool and funny

    • Amei Tay
      Amei Tay


    • Simply Subherb
      Simply Subherb

      Why do you guys just post links and not even say anything!

    • BIG Itsfunneh fan
      BIG Itsfunneh fan

      Can we have a part 2


      do you guys ever heard living in a nightmare song pls say

  • Meredith Bagwell
    Meredith Bagwell

    Nazzys fafe in this roleplay

  • anushay nasir
    anushay nasir

    sabre says:the hated child becoms a celebrity me:the words said the hated child become the hated child lol

  • Lol girl
    Lol girl

    I think you should be in movie Because you guys are tge best actors

  • *I Be Poppin*
    *I Be Poppin*

    You can tell there so nice 👌 Even if they have to mean to saber there always say "Saber can you PLEASE clean this up for me?" How nice!

  • Savannah2010

    I love your videos but I think you guys should do more Minecraft build challenges

  • allyboyd ash
    allyboyd ash

    Biggy: holds gun and bomb* look at how cool I am! Sockie: your so cool! VS Sabre: vlogging* Sockie: Your so stupid hahahhahhahha

  • Isadora D
    Isadora D

    Sabre you have seen the sun you’ve been outside sleeping

  • David Bishop
    David Bishop

    biggy : points gun at saber Also biggy : OOPS I TOOK OUT THE WRONG THING *TAKES OUT MONEY* me : what the are u gonna kill her???!!!

  • A Girl & Her Boxer
    A Girl & Her Boxer

    That was so funny I died at 4:49

  • tik tock name is dessamac12
    tik tock name is dessamac12

    I love your you tube

  • Robloxgamers

    Norris nuts can you please make a part two

  • Thea Riedinger
    Thea Riedinger

    Why are Sabre and Sockie always the main characters?

  • Amy Hodgson
    Amy Hodgson

    does anyone realise ow much sabre said "BeAcUsE iM tHe HaTeD cHiLd" (not tryng to be mean :)

  • Abrar Siddiqui
    Abrar Siddiqui

    That story is like the Cinarella story

  • Aliya Mohamed
    Aliya Mohamed

    Are you feel bad for. Him

  • James Games
    James Games

    The Haters: u suck The fans: if u do not like them then no CHOCOLATE FOR YOU

  • Reggie Navarro
    Reggie Navarro

    Sabre is the hated child poor Sabre and he's mom mean

  • Lucie Studies
    Lucie Studies

    Can we apriciate how good biggest outfits are!?

  • Alexa Saudi
    Alexa Saudi

    This video is my favorite keep up the good work!

  • miraculousxscarlett

    I love these type of vids!!

  • Claire Secrist
    Claire Secrist

    Is nobody else going to notice that Naz's avatar's hair color and style randomly completely changed all the time? 😂

  • •FartherWings•

    Great video as always! :D

  • mussa khurram
    mussa khurram

    Run away

  • Antoinette Pumarejo
    Antoinette Pumarejo

    World of pets is the best game world of pets better than the rest this is a wrap to World of pets because it’s better than rest better than the rest no I don’t have it yet but I’m bout to get it soon yes I love wordprocessing it on my phone

  • Lazaro Perez
    Lazaro Perez

    Lia/me: can you do rags to riches or the other way around? Also Im a big fan and I love your vids!! ♡♡♡♡

  • Broads Bushcraft and Prepping
    Broads Bushcraft and Prepping

    Don’t tell people that

  • Kiren Smith
    Kiren Smith


  • charis klym
    charis klym

    You can make your parents Roblox accounts and do your normal day in adopt me, Brookhaven or bloxburg.

  • Its Addie!
    Its Addie!

    Omg guys please do bloxburg roleplays i would love that!!!❤️🤗

  • Betsie Violet Allison
    Betsie Violet Allison

    Why is sabre always the hated child

  • Bubblegum

    Also can you start making naz the bad person I think she deserves it

  • Kaylee & ava
    Kaylee & ava

    Hey guys I would love to see some videos of Toca Boca life

  • irdafarizza Abu bakar
    irdafarizza Abu bakar

    i need to see naz get a guine piggg

  • Jana Faadel Hasan Mansour
    Jana Faadel Hasan Mansour

    its so funny xd

  • Sienna Fleming
    Sienna Fleming

    Love your videos!

  • Aisha_Playz

    I love this video ♥︎

  • James Charles biggest fan ever sherif
    James Charles biggest fan ever sherif

    Can you guys get wop on android

  • tokes c3
    tokes c3

    "The hated child a becomes the hated child"

  • Stephanie Little
    Stephanie Little

    The first part of the video I was laughing so hard!

  • Simply Subherb
    Simply Subherb

    Sabre: can I have a burger? Sockie: THATS WAY TO MUCH TO ASK FOR! Others: Can I have studio? Sockie: ofc!

  • Simply Subherb
    Simply Subherb

    Could you guys do a part two? I would like to see how she makes it as a youtuber!

  • Raja ghafoor
    Raja ghafoor

    Sabre it doesn’t matter if your family hates you but the legends love you ❤️🧡💛💚💜💙💗💗💜

  • Sarah Wah
    Sarah Wah


  • Isabella Brown
    Isabella Brown

    Hi Norris nuts I really like your videos you guys make me laugh and be happy! Pls get naz a guinea pig! Bye

  • Brooke Davis
    Brooke Davis

    Can someone else be the hated child

  • judah silumesi
    judah silumesi

    norris nuts you should do an uncut brookheaven role play game

  • Yvette Findley
    Yvette Findley

    I thought sabers legs were broke

  • Ro Flame!
    Ro Flame!

    This is most funniest role play! Lol

  • Nabilah Nuseibeh
    Nabilah Nuseibeh

    Sabre: I've never seen the sun in my life! Me: u sleep outside 😂

  • Cloudxpeach

    I have idea a homeless mum adopts a baby and doesn’t have a husband hope you pick mine!❤️

  • Kokomi Swift
    Kokomi Swift

    Omg tm is my bday!

  • Darling Vlogs
    Darling Vlogs

    Can Sab get adopted by a crazy family

  • Della gaming
    Della gaming


  • Taeglow

    poor sabre has to be the hated child cuz she's the oldest ;w;

  • Quiz Master
    Quiz Master

    Here is an idea: An idea for Sabre is that she has a new family that respects her then a few weeks later her old family come back and say they want her back.

  • XinRou

    Sabre: THE SUN!!!! I'Ve NEVER SEEN THE SUN IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!! Me: Sabre.... you live in the backyard girl... hahahaha you see the sun everyday!

  • Alison Morrison
    Alison Morrison

    Hi when does world if pets come out on android?

  • Amal Games
    Amal Games

    sabre:the sun i have never seen the sun me:dosent she live outside lol i love your videos

  • Olivia Langkos
    Olivia Langkos

    Maybe for the next part of the series the family starts a rumor about sabre then she falls down on youtube but then she got proof on why the family is lying and now sabre moves to adopt me to start a new life there since brookhaven is filled with terrible people p.s i love you so much norris nust your the funniest greatest youtubers stay shrimpy!~

  • Trent Buschur
    Trent Buschur

    These are like the new Dhar Mann vids, except no one is learning a lesson.

  • Alianys Garcia
    Alianys Garcia

    Keep up the funny naz and sockie

  • Maqechia Walker
    Maqechia Walker


  • Poppy’s stuff
    Poppy’s stuff

    Is it just me who misses when they do there intros by there bedroom door

  • Raja ghafoor
    Raja ghafoor

    It’s so sad there all hurting sabres feelings it’s so sad 😭😢😔☹️😞😕🙁😥😪😟😿

  • Raja ghafoor
    Raja ghafoor

    Quote of the day : treat people the way you want to be treated and remeber Haters are people who have anger towards everyone reaching success

  • Zara Khalyssa
    Zara Khalyssa

    Can you do more of the role play, if you do,I would love to watch it

  • Lilah Locks!
    Lilah Locks!

    The #1 Great role play by - The norris nuts!🤗

  • Kira Penrith
    Kira Penrith

    honestly you guys are so amazing i also wanted to know if i could have a shoutout im a big fan

  • isadora🌹

    Sabre is craign en ewwww🤮🤮🤮 😭😭😭

  • Isla-Pie

    Me laughing like its the 1st time I watched this not the 3rd

  • val

    I give you like because you’re hilarious😂🤣

  • Heidi Johnson
    Heidi Johnson

    Mean family spy on sabre the youtuber in brookhaven

  • My Life
    My Life


  • Leila Verduzco
    Leila Verduzco

    You guys make my day!❤️

  • SlytherinQueen

    Why is this soo funny

  • Mily Viegas
    Mily Viegas

    Pls do a part 2

  • Roblox sisters
    Roblox sisters

    An idea is that biggy is the rich dad and has a fam and the fam. Figure out that biggy is a criminal robing the banck every night

  • Abigail Badman
    Abigail Badman

    I know this may seem weird but like if anyone is thinking that sabres character in the long run should be way more grateful as many kids and adults don’t have food and beds many people are homeless or in poverty some countries don’t even have healthy air to breathe or clean water to drink we who even have iPads phones or laptops we should all be grateful for all having even a roof over our heads. Plz keep this in mind legends when ever you complain about not having your own room or bathroom or even your own phone. So plz keep this in mind when you are asking for the latest iPhone or money that some people can’t even afford food.


    do a part two when mom finds sabre and demands money but sabre gives her nothing so mum blower up her house (riches to rags)

  • Panda Frenchy
    Panda Frenchy

    Hi Norris nuts I hope your having an awesome summer/winter my summer has been meh

  • cheerleader Nora
    cheerleader Nora

    make sockie ( the Mom ) realize that she's too mean but it's too late and sabre already flew on a plane away

  • Brenda Horta
    Brenda Horta

    This is not what little kids need to watch 🙄

  • Doggy Paw
    Doggy Paw

    so i have a idea why not sabre has 1million subcriber then the family finds out and naz sockie and biggy go undercover as fans,

  • Tasha Luna
    Tasha Luna


  • SG Gaming
    SG Gaming

    Sabra sockie biggy naz

  • doggos rule
    doggos rule

    You guys need a part two where the mom finds out how famous sabre is and instantly regrets making her the hated child

  • Idol aivhi 124
    Idol aivhi 124

    to good watched this 5 times / love all your clips and role-plays post more watched most of your videos love your styles catch me knuckles for the legends bye.

  • Daisy Holland
    Daisy Holland

    Next you should do Mum finds hated cnild and suddenly begs her to come back for the money 🤣 sorry if you don't like that

  • asha joshi
    asha joshi

    PLEASE Make A Part Two This An Amazing And Interesting Story And I Really Want It To Continue And Go On Becuase I Love It Thank You.

  • Sienna Brooks
    Sienna Brooks


  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Continue it and like make the hated child become super rich and she runs away then the mom wants her back and ends up poor and the hated child says no that would be interesting

  • Faith Makopola
    Faith Makopola

    Coutie it

  • Lindsey Bowdey
    Lindsey Bowdey


  • miles 824
    miles 824

    Idea. Sabre should be richer than her family and they come to sabre for help because sockie lost all her money

  • Ambriel1209

    How has San never seen the sun if she's outside. All day long lol

  • Lane's Craftastic World!
    Lane's Craftastic World!

    you alwasys make me smile

  • Lane's Craftastic World!
    Lane's Craftastic World!

    *saber* gibrish is that a littel to far *sockie* no

  • Iris&Ocean

    I have their game it is fun

  • Faith Mitchell
    Faith Mitchell

    1:55 she really said im a starrrrr